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Our yard was in terrible condition with seven foot weeds when Laura first came to scope out our project, but that didn't stop Laura from having a vision of how lovely it could be. She is a quadruple threat - a skilled designer who came up with a unique and beautiful concept, a knowledgeable individual about the technical aspects of hardscaping (drainage, materials, grading, irrigation, etc.), a plant geek who searched near and far for just the right trees and plants for our climate and taste, and an effective project manager who tied it all together.Read More

What a great experience! With just a few suggestions from me, Laura was able to return with a design for my front yard that brought the picture in my mind to life. She incorporated plants not commonly seen in my area to create a visually pleasing and unique landscape that will only improve with time. Laura and her crew were organized and professional...everything was done on schedule and on budget. It was a great experience from start to finish.Read More

Our kitchen remodel is finally coming to an end. Laura helped us form our vision for our new design and the outcome looks amazing! She is creative and artistic and worked diligently to find us the best prices for quality work and products. She addressed our concerns as they arose and kept our job moving forward. She is talented in her field and organized. Laura has a foundation of knowledge to pull together contracted work, materials and the concept for a quality kitchen space.Read More

I hired Laura to redesign my guest bath, master bath and bedroom. It took 4 months but they are spectacular. Laura is a great designer and the contractors she recommends did beautiful work. I'm very happy.Read More

We decided to remove our lawn and switch to all drought tolerant plants on drip irrigation, and Laura Frost was our landscape designer. We loved working with Laura and love how our project turned out! Laura has an encyclopedic knowledge of plants that work in drought conditions as well as a lovely artistic/aesthetic sense, and we now have plants that will give us waves of color and beautiful foliage with every season. Her rates are very reasonable, and we appreciate how responsive and professional she is. She guarantees all of the plants for one year, and asked us to call her any time to make sure that everything continues to grow and thrive. She listened carefully to what we wanted and had wonderful suggestions that were beautiful and creative that worked with our budget. We give her our highest recommendation.Read More

We picked Laura Frost to design our yards because one of her existing neighborhood designs reached out and grabbed us. Even at our first meeting she had some really grand ideas on how to make the yards comfortable, but yet with interest to the eye. With Laura’s design, she was able to incorporate the pool by replacing the walkway and plantings around the pool to make it a feature of the back yard and not just a body of water. The same went for the front yard. She kept her design casual, but with a few formal elements. Again, Laura kept the design interesting to the eye by incorporating several existing plants, the dry creek bed and color, Also, focused on design elements for interest from the street. She was very helpful with her suggestions for Concrete and Landscape Contractors. She was responsive when her expertise was needed regarding colors and plant maintenance. Laura was always willing to listen to our needs and to make changes to the design or the planting materials. We would recommend Laura Frost to any one that is looking for a unique design and a partner in creating their surroundings. Gladys Warr and Bob NelsonRead More

Working with Laura was a complete pleasure. Her knowledge and creativity were a breath of fresh air. She did a fabulous job developing a plan based on our wants and needs. She also has a great control of the budget. She managed the plant ordering, delivering and placing for the landscaper to plant. I am very excited to work with her on the next project as we love our yard!Read More

We had a backyard where the grass was dead not only due to the drought but we have two dogs who chase squirrels and each other around the yard. Our irrigation system wasn't efficient and it would turn our dead lawn into a muddy mess. We needed a yard that was drought tolerant, maintenance free, and eliminate our frustration of having to clean the dogs paws every time we let them out. Laura created a functional and beautiful yard for us (and the dogs). We no longer need to worry about the mud, the plants are lush and colorful and she included my dream Italian edible garden; all well within my budget. I look forward to working with her again.Read More

Laura was my eyes and ears on my home renovation. I was doing a remodel from 3500 miles away. Her fresh ideas and design skills made it so mush easier to do. She found me an amazing slab of marble for my kitchen island which is the centerpiece for our open concept living space. She is great determining your likes and dislikes and does not force her ideas, but she knows how to present other options to compliment and improve what you are trying to do. I recommend her without reservation. She's great!Read More

Laura Frost has great vision for California landscapes on large lots. After we received a couple of uninspired designs from other landscape designers, Laura's plan was refreshing and creative. She completely reimagined our challenging, uneven front yard, bringing in a dry river bed, water fall element and lots of unique drought tolerant trees, plants and flowers. She also reinvented our hardscape, borrowing from our existing materials, but installing in a new way. In addition to Laura's highly creative plan, we selected her because she was willing to work with our installer. While this flexibility was appreciated, it ended up being harder for us to manage since the installer and Laura did not have a good working relationship. Again, this was our choice, but in the end, we would have preferred a more harmonious landscape process, from design through installation. This created a bit of stress for Laura and for us. It's been about a year since we completed this project, and we get many compliments on our landscape design from neighbors and friends, a testament to Laura's knowledge of California landscape design. As our landscape grows in during this first year, we are experiencing the typical challenges, particularly a very trying drought season here in California. We have lost some plants along the way, which is disappointing, but have been told this is not unusual. On a final note, we appreciate that Laura is willing to answer questions now that the project is over. She is quick to respond to text messages and has come by the property a couple of times to check on things. We appreciate this kind of follow up to ensure we do not ruin our investment. In summary, Laura is knowledgeable, creative, reasonable, responsive and flexible.Read More

Laura does landscape plans for my business. Her plans are incredibly detailed and easy for all to understand. All of my clients are extremely pleased with the design and layout of the plans provided. I highly recommend Laura to anyone looking for an expert designer.Read More

We were looking for an independent consultant to design our front yard, and we hired Laura as a referral from a local hardware store. Laura was kind, professional, and followed through with all of her promises. She took a rather dull looking yard that required a LOT of water to maintain, and transformed it into a beautiful drought resistant yard, using a variety of materials. Although months have gone by since the project was completed, Laura is still available to help answer any questions that we may have regarding our current plants. I would definitely refer Laura for another project.Read More

Laura designed a "quiet place" for our yard that had everything we could ever want. We met with Laura once, she went over our general ideas and she came back with - and fully executed - a beautiful design. She designed an amazing water feature and fire pit. Gave us much needed shade, an herb garden and plants that brought us hummingbirds and butterflies. We would recommend Laura without reservation.Read More

We hired Laura to redo our large, high maintenance, little used back yard and she was able to turn it into a low maintenance, very pleasant retreat, complete with fountain. It is a space we now enjoy spending time in. Laura is very knowledgeable in choosing the right plants for the area and we now have some color in the garden year round. She also deals with any problems effectively and in a timely manner. We have since hired Laura to redo our front yard and expect the same great results. Alfreda and Joe Gerhards. (Young)Read More

Laura was recommended to us by a friend, whose garden she redesigned. We liked what she had done there, and contracted her to redesign and execute our backyard that had previously been dominated by a swimming pool. It wasn't a grand space, but she made the most of it.. She took pains to make sure that she understood what we wanted and revised plans as we teased out those details. The project came in well under the original estimate (she had termed the original a worst case figure) and the results exceeded our expectations. We enjoy the space. The total cost ran at just over $10,000Read More

We first hired Laura to help us select paint colors for the interior of our new home. We liked her ideas and enjoyed working with her so much we hired her to design a remodel for our guest bathroom. Laura's knowledge, experience, patience, and attention to our needs gave us the look and feel we want in our home. We plan to hire her for future design projects.Read More

I love Laura's design style and sense. I like curving lines and an overgrown but not messy garden. She kept all the "boxes" out of the design and tied existing and new together in a beautiful way.Read More

I've done follow up work on several of Laura Frosts' projects and they have all been elegant in design as well as top quality in fascillitation . What stands out the most is how her finished landscapes are unique and matching to the personality of the property, while providing the home owner with an environment that they want to spend time in John KeislingRead More

Really great oversight as a project manager on a recent remodel in a 25 year old home we purchased in April 2013. Laura has good insight and makes good suggestions from both design and construction perspectives. She has a broad array of contract workers, and was able to meet our needs on a short timeframe, all with quality as job #1. All contractors were punctual, polite and professional. We heartily endorse Laura as a design consultant and project manager in any home remodel.Read More

I hired Laura Frost to design landscaping for my front yard that has turned into an eyesore. After she came up with the first rough design of the front yard and discussing with her various elements of the design, I was very satisfied with the outcome that I decided to landscape my whole property. The ease of working with her was the driving force in my decision to proceed with the extensive landscaping. Laura is very pro-active, conscientious and budget savvy. The landscaping project has turned into a bath and kitchen remodeling as well because of how easy she made the whole project for me. Laura treated the project not as just another job but something she owns. That approach and attitude is very rare and hard to find this days. The end result speaks highly for Laura. More to come............Read More

We hired Laura Frost Design to do design work and create a plan for our back yard. Even though we have to do the work in stages, Laura created a design that we all love and we've been implementing it over time and as finances allow. Great communication, Great follow through. I highly recommendRead More

My company is a vendor that provides tile and stone. Laura Frost has used our products in many of her interior design specifications. She uses them in creative ways that showcase their beauty to its maximum. She never uses them in "run of the mill" ways. I am always awed by how beautiful the projects turn out! She is always the consumate professional and has a very warm personality. It is refreshing to work with her! I would not hesitate for a moment to recommend her and her services.Read More

My front yard went from being the neighborhood eyesore to being the envy of the community. This was all due to Laura Frost Design. Laura listened carefully to my needs and wants, paid close attention to my budget, took pictures and measurements. She returned with professional rendering of my new yard for my approval followed by personally picking out each plant and shrub for planting. Laura and her crew did an amazing job in just two days and I love the results. I would recommend Laura's services without qualification. She ls professional, creative and committed to her clients.Read More

If I could give Laura Frost more stars I would. Since 2012 I've hired her for four major projects on my home, three external landscapes and one internal design. Indeed, she can take a lot of the credit for turning my suburban "development house" into a showplace home. Most recently, she designed and installed a drought-tolerant front yard, totally eliminating my lawn. Not only did she have a creative vision for what was possible, she also worked with me to incorporate my own taste and style. She selected plants and flowers based on the style and color of the house, the direction of the sun throughout the seasons and ones would keep it colorful all year long. Now everything is on a drip system, which will use far less water that my former sprinkler system. One of her design staples is incorporating cobblestones to look like river beds and other interesting do-dads for visual interest. I appreciated that she didn't just tear out all the old plants, but found ways of moving many of the original plants around so that they were at better advantage. With permission, Laura can be experimental and will try out new ideas to stretch and grow. If it doesn't work out, she will change it. I like that she stays fresh and doesn't take a cookie cutter approach. I guess my biggest advice if you choose to hire Laura for landscaping is to trust her skills and creative abilities. While she always incorporates the client's vision into her design, she is best if left a wide runway to bring in her own ideas. Her taste is impeccable, so the outcome is much better if you trust her and let her do her thing. And, if there's one thing I've learned about landscaping it's that it requires a certain amount of patience over time. There's a lot of little things that can go wrong, so not everything works out perfectly with the installation. Laura has always followed through and made good on any issues. Finally, I would recommend keeping a small budget for tweaks a year later once the yard has experienced all the seasons.Read More

As a General Contractor I have worked with many designers and Laura Frost Design is in a class of her own. Laura has the ability and artistic creativity to design any living space, inside and out. I have built structures and hardscaping for her landscape designs, as well as the construction of kitchens, bathrooms, remodels, and additions that she has designed. Regardless of the project, inside or out, small or large, Laura is passionate about her work. She is always available for onsite consultations and helps keep the job running smooth by communicating with the client, helping them with the decision making process, and staying one step ahead of the contractor by having the materials available as soon as they are needed. It has been a pleasure building projects and a professional relationship with Laura Frost for the past four years.Read More

Because of drought conditions and increasing irrigation costs, I decided that my backyard grass had to go. I had a general idea of what I wanted the backyard to look like but needed someone to fill in the details. I’m so glad I hired Laura to do the design work. Not only is she very knowledgeable about plants, but she listens to you and comes up with creative solutions to problems. She knows which plants grow well in windy coastal areas like mine and came up with a design that included a colorful variety of perennials, trees and grasses. I also wanted to discourage ticks, so Laura did some research and found a variety of plants that ticks stay away from. We interspersed those plants among the perennials and grasses. I didn’t want a piecemeal look, so was very happy to see that everything flowed beautifully. We also used cedar bark rather than fir bark because Laura told me that cedar repels ticks. Laura cares for each plant like they were her own children, visits every so often to make sure they’re thriving, and replaces any that look like they’re not doing well. She cared so much about my project that she even gave me one of her personal beautiful flourishing miniature maples for a special spot in my yard rather than settling for a smaller spindly miniature maple from the nursery. Hiring Laura was a leap of faith for me because I had never hired a landscape designer, separate from the company doing the physical work, before. Laura is worth every penny of the very reasonable rate she charges.Read More

Laura was very easy to work with and had great ideas. She is very knowledgeable about plants and guarantees them for a year. She continues to work with you even when the project is finished. Laura has lots of patience and you can trust the end result.Read More

Laura provided such an incredibly serene backyard and had a vision of a modern look with such incredible plants with seasonal color that I could not have even attempted to do. I would highly recommend Laura and her team for any future projects.Read More

Laura was just the person I needed to make suggestions on landscaping my dated front yard. I ended up eliminating any lawn ( an idea I had not even considered) and she designed pathways and planted areas. She was supportive throughout the process of selecting gardening vendors to do the demolition of existing 15 ft bushes, putting in an irrigation system, and designing a water feature. I feel so lucky to have found her. Mary Ann SellsRead More